Types of Blogs You Can Create

Types of Blogs You Can Create

Types of Blogs You Can Create

The existence of a blog has become the most important part in the world of the Internet because there are many blogs that provide important information, be it general or specific. As the number of blogs increases, more and more different types of blogs can be found. And blogs that are made according to needs, ranging from blogs created for free to blogs created with a variety of certain variations.

If you are struggling or will make a blog, of course you also already know the various types of blogs. But the most common and often used are blogs with platforms that are easy, easy to use and easy to create. One of them is Blogger or Blogspot. However, even though Blogger is one of the most commonly used blog platforms, the one with many choices is the blog that uses Wordpress.org, a premium blog with all the full features it has.

How about you? Have you created a blog? Or have plans to create a blog? If so, we better study first several types of blogs that we can later choose and use to create a blog . Here are some types of blogs according to their use and content:

Blog Platform
According to its form, this blog is divided into several categories, namely free blogs, paid blogs, micro blogs and blogs used as journals or companies.

1. Free

Blogs Blogs that can be used by everyone and do not need to pay to use this blog service. One free blog service provider is Blogspot.com An example of this type of blog is Kamranjaisak.blogspot.com

2. Paid

Blogs Blogs that use domains and hosting in the making. To have this type of blog you must have a domain and hosting that you can get at domain and hosting services. Examples of this type of blog are Kamranjaisak.com

3. Micro Blog

Micro blogs are used only limited information with the main content in it. Whether it's in the form of images or text. One of the well-known micro blogs is Twitter.com or Line.com

4. Journal Blogs

Blogs that are used in general are written by many people, both as information media or others. One of the well-known journal blogs is Viva, Kompasiana or from outside such as Livejournal.

5. Corporate Blog A

special blog that is only used by companies that display the profile of the company.

Blog Based on Content or Content

Having a blog with a particular topic will make the blog owner more focused on developing his blog, but having a blog with a variety of topics is also very good as long as he can take care of it well too. Now based on this content, blogs are divided into several types of blogs, namely:

1. Niche Blog

Blogs that only discuss one type of special topic, such as the topic of Health, Tutorial topics, Education topics and so on.

2. General Blog

Blog that discusses various types of topics in it. Blogs like this are known as Gado-Gado blogs because of their contents which have a variety of mixed topics, there are topics of Education, Health topics, and so on together in one blog.

Blog Based on its Purpose

Before creating a blog, one of the main points is the purpose of making the blog. What is your goal to create a blog? So that when creating a blog more focused again, it would be nice to determine the purpose of the blog. Based on the goal, the blog is divided into several types of blogs that are:

1. Personal Blog

Blog that contains the experience or opinions of the blog owner himself. This personal blog can be made using a free or paid blog, one example of a personal blog is Kamranjaisak.com

2. Personal

Blog Branding Blogs are created with the aim that the brand or product that is owned so famous, and usually the brand of the blog that is used uses the name the owner of the blog and / or the name of the product being developed.

3. Monetize Blog

Blog created with the main goal to make money. Blogs like this can come from free blogs, paid blogs, blogs with niches, gado-gado blogs and so on.

Blog Based

on the Format Based on the content format, blogs are divided into several types of blogs, namely:

1. Blog Vlog

Blog whose contents are only in the form of videos.

2. Blog Links

Blogs that only contain links.

3. Photo Blog or Blog

Blog Blog that only contains pictures or photos.

4. Audio Blogs

Blogs that contain audio, such as music blogs.

5. Blog Ads

Blogs that only contain advertising. Blogs like this become a provider of advertising, be it classified ads or image ads.

From the description above, if you already have a blog, including which one is your blog? Or for you who want to create a blog, what kind of blog do you want? Those are the various types of blogs that we can know together. May be useful.

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