Create an Article Title and Set a SEO Friendly Blog Description

Create an Article Title and Set a SEO Friendly Blog Description

Create an Article Title and Set a SEO Friendly Blog Description

Speaking of actual SEO issues, we are very lazy to debate it, but to become a blog because the main priority on program pages, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one among the important factors that each blogger should consider ( including us) to urge better rankings on search engines. Many bloggers don't want to understand about SEO themselves, they often only believe a template that's seo friendly without listening to the content they create , albeit the template is merely one among the littlest parts of an SEO.

There are numerous factors that become the highest priority in SEO at this point , although not an SEO expert, but we attempt to explore a number of the techniques that we learn and that we try a number of our other blogs. It seems that even during a simple way, blog articles can occupy the primary position on the primary page of Google, Bing and Yahoo. it's not accidental we made it that way but learning and practice is a method to try to to if you would like to find out SEO.

Indeed, many say that only with SEO templates, blog rankings are often indexed well by Google, it's true but to form articles stay afloat on the primary page of search engines, why not optimize it for the higher again? Right, if the template used is SEO, but the article created doesn't have good SEO value. you would possibly not even realize (including us) that the article that was written is really really SEO and without our knowledge it seems that the article is on the primary page.

Try to notice what percentage articles are indexed on Google pages 1-3. never many, even from 100 articles that are on your blog or website, not necessarily all of those articles are on pages 1-3 Google. Why did it happen? Maybe the article on the primary page accidentally has an SEO factor, especially within the title of the blog article that you simply created. How can it's like that? Please correct back blog articles that have a far better ranking and compare with other articles. By doing these comparisons, you'll understand which things got to be improved in making the title for subsequent blog article.

Create an SEO Friendly Blog Article Title

The keywords within the post title are the most factors a piece of writing can have the simplest ranking on the search page. Having keywords within the title of the post will help tons of blogs in bringing traffic, but there must be other conditions, namely the suitability of the contents with the title must be relevant. Make it only believe the title that's compelling, as we've explained before, the impact are going to be less good for your blog.

In the previous article, we actually explained the way to make an honest blog article title. If previously we discussed the title of the article during a different topic, then during this article we specialise in discussing the title and outline only. Here are some tips for writing seo friendly article titles:

1. Note the Length & Writing of Article Title

If the title is just too long, search engines can cut it down by adding ellipsis or periods ("...") and eventually eliminating important words. For this reason, many recommend making article titles that aren't too long and have enough 50 - 60 characters.

In addition to listening to the length of the title, also concentrate to the writing of the title. Many blogger friends still use titles with all uppercase or all lowercase. Consider the instance of writing the subsequent article title:
How to cook Padang rice that's delicious and good 
how to cook good and proper Padang rice

Of the three examples above titles, which one corresponds to the right writing? Surely No. 1. If you write a title like No. 2 it'll have a good display and it are often stop when it's read by search engines. Likewise with No. 3, people will find it difficult to differentiate between the title of the article and therefore the article because they both have an equivalent letter.

Indeed there's nothing wrong in writing and therefore the length of the article title, because Google itself also doesn't provide penalties for long titles or short titles, but if judged by Googlebot to crawl a title and article, then a title that's not too long are going to be more easily assessed and adjusted with the contents of the article.

2. Use the most keywords within the article title

Suppose you're getting to make a piece of writing about the way to Create a Blog , then the title that you simply can make are often directly in accordance with the thought of the subject or add other words behind the subject to be discussed so on make the title even more interesting. for instance like this:
Keyword (Keyword): the way to Create a Blog
How to Create a Special Blog for Beginners

7 Ways to make a Special Blog For Beginners

How to make a blog that's easy & fast?
How to Create a Blog on Blogspot With the newest Guide
How to Make a Blog on WordPress Free & Easy
By only using keywords the way to Create a Blog, are often made various interesting titles and in fact still targeting these main keywords. Note from the five titles above, all keywords are ahead of the writing of the title and that we strongly recommend that you simply create a title with keywords that are always placed ahead of the writing of the title. The important thing is, albeit you usually target keywords always ahead , confirm to form the title easy to read and not rigid or forced.

3. Unique Title in Each Article Title

Even though we always recommend to always write the most keywords ahead of the title, but not necessarily all articles with the most target keywords are always ahead . Because we are worried that if you focus an excessive amount of on targeting the most keywords, always before the title writing will result. duplicate content. aside from avoiding duplicate content, also in order that the looks of your blog isn't boring. For that, make a singular and interesting title.

For example the title is like this: Exciting, Yesterday Teaching Friends Learning to form Blogs Makes Loud. By employing a title like this, there'll be a bent to form people curious to read the contents of the title. And in fact also, if the title is interesting, the plot of the article title is additionally interesting because it's written within the sort of a story. And concentrate too, although written within the sort of a stimulating title, but there are still the most keywords within the title of the article, Learn to make a Blog.

Or you also can make a singular and interesting title by adding numbers ahead of it. for instance like this: 24 Hours Teaching Friends to form Blogs Make the Brain Boil! is that this excessive? in fact not as long because the title and contents of the article are still relevant and written using sentences that are interesting and straightforward to know . By making a title like that, hopefully there's a way of curiosity from blog visitors to read its contents. If blog visitors are curious, there'll be clicks and views that increase from 1 article on your blog. And this is often good for the event of your blog because it'll affect the view of other articles relevant to the article.

Have read news portals like Legal, Tribunnews, Detik, Kompas then on. concentrate to the article titles of of these portals, many of the titles they create are curious to click and skim them. That's where we found this concept , but although using titles that are intriguing, still concentrate to the contents of the article written. The title is boombastis, the contents of the article don't match the title.

4. Don't Overdo Using Keywords

Both within the title or article don't use excessive keywords because the impact will worsen your blog ranking. Keywords that are repeated in titles just like the following: Guide to purchasing Books in Bookstores For trade book Books. albeit this title looks unique, there's a repeat of the Book's keyword in it. Better the title above is formed like this: Guide to purchasing trade book Books at Gramedia. Likewise with the contents of the article, don't repeat too many main keywords to avoid Google penalties.

Create and Manage SEO Friendly Blog Descriptions

After creating the title, it is time to line the blog article description. Description is extremely important in determining quickly on the index or not a blog article or blog itself. Because during this description there are keywords that help the article to be indexed by search engines. Then the way to make an honest description?

Description may be a summary of a piece of writing that addresses a specific topic. In making the particular description are often done freely but if you would like the article to be read through search engines, then use the SEO Friendly description. This seo friendly description contains several rules that has got to be considered, namely: 

Keywords and Writing Length.

For the utilization of keywords within the description also as making the title and article, it shouldn't be excessive. Just use it naturally while still targeting the most keywords. Likewise with the length of the outline , we use an outline length between 150 - 300 characters and it's taken from the title and first paragraph.

Examples for the outline of this text are:

Creating a piece of writing Title and Managing a Blog SEO Friendly Description - Speaking of SEO issues, we are literally very lazy to debate it, but to become a blog as a top priority on program pages or search engines

For blogs that use Blogger or Blogspot it'd be a touch difficult to line a seo friendly description because you've got to research it manually and guess. Different if you employ a WordPress blog which will be helped by SEO plugins like Yoast or beat One SEO. By using this plugin, you'll easily create and manage blog or article descriptions, including the length of the outline and therefore the use of keywords in it. Likewise with the article, with the SEO plugin will make it easier to make articles that are SEO friendly .

Title, description and keywords are the foremost important part during a blog. By creating interesting articles that are in line with the title of the article, sometimes it requires a troubling thought. except for the sake of the event of the blog to be even better, anything remains done, including managing SEO on the blog albeit the SEO remains applied at the essential level as we explained during this article. Learning SEO is vital , Whatever sort of blog you create, a minimum of there must be knowledge about SEO. Hopefully the article about creating the title of the article and arranging the outline of this blog gives a touch idea about SEO.

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